Priests Rape Boys: an air-tight, three word case against the Catholic church. The Catholic Church is the largest, most well-funded and organized pedophile group in the history of man! No further proof need be given on the Judgment Day against every single person of authority in that monstrous organization of perverts. The case is as open and shut as a murder case where the murder is actually witnessed by the judge and jury themselves.

No matter the rank nor the level of personal involvement in that sin, from priest to Pope the whole clergy of the Catholic Church, the world over, is irreversibly hell-bound. The rare abstinent priest who sits silently by while thousands of little children are abused to satisfy the perverted sexual lusts of those in positions of authority is as guilty as the filthy, craven boy-diddlers themselves. Few, besides those with a vested interest in promulgating the priestly perversion, would argue in defense of the unspeakable evil desired by the dark-hearts and carried out by the bloody hands of these deviants. Their moral authority is completely gone -  but 'priests rape boys' is far more than an indictment of the clergy of the Catholic 'church'. In fact, 'priests rape boys' is an air-tight, three word case against not only the parishioners of the Catholic Church, but other so-called 'Christian' churches, the nation of America, and the world writ large.

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