False Doctrine
america: Pedophile Pimp!

The Catholic Whorehouse is full of abominations and vain traditions, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men - rather than teaching the Perfect Doctrines of God. -Mark 7:7 We're not talking about getting a few scriptural points wrong - we're talking wholesale deception, rebellion, and flat-out disobedience against the blessed Word of God. It's perhaps the biggest scam ever perpetrated against humanity - a child-raping machine of epic scope, ever cruising through the centuries for its next batch of prey, working under the guise of the most hallowed religious system in the history of the world. They get more Bible WRONG than they get RIGHT, and they absolutely rely on the abysmal Bible-illiteracy of their parishoners. And guess what? They can rely on it, because Catholics never crack a Bible, other than to hide money in it. So the raping continues, and the cover-up continues, and the acceptance and enabling of parents who hate their children continues. It would be less cruel if parents of children raised in the Catholic whorehouse would just lay their children down in the street and run over them with a truck than to take them in those filthy, God-forsaken hell-holes! Every parking lot of every Catholic church in the world ought to be empty, but of course they're not! Here are but a few of the main doctrinal errors made by Catholicism's false relgious system, laid in heaps next to God's righteous standards, along with proof texts from scripture.